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Simply Javascript
On the surface, JavaScript is a simple programming language that lets you make changes to your web pages on the fly, while they’re being displayed in a web browser. How hard could that be to learn, right? It sounds like something you could knock over in a

Learning Joomla 1.5 Extension Development - Creating Modules, Components, and Plug-ins with PHP
Joomla! is an award-winning content management system with a powerful extension system. This makes it easy for third-party developers to build code extending Joomla's core functionality without hacking or modifying the core code.

An Introduction to HTML and JavaScript for Scientists and Engineers
JavaScript and HTML, on the other hand, are immature and very unstable languages (if we can agree informally to call HTML a “language”) that function within a constantly changing Web environment. There are dialects of HTML and JavaScript that will work on

Google Analytics
In late 2005, Internet behemoth Google purchased leading web analytics firm Urchin and began offering the service free of charge to certain well-placed technology publications’ web sites. It wasn’t long before Google launched the Google Analytics service

Mastering Typo Script
Free, open-source, flexible, and scalable, TYPO3 is one of the most powerful PHP content management systems. It is well suited for creating intranets and extranets for the enterprise. While providing an easy-to-use web interface for non-technical authors

Managing and Customizing OpenCMS 6 Websites with Java JSP XML Content Management
OpenCms is an open-source enterprise-grade content management system based on Java and XML technology, and is designed specifically for creating and maintaining websites. It provides a full set of tools for dealing with content creation, editorial workflo

Pro Apache Struts with Ajax
Apache Struts 1.2.x is still the de facto Java industry-standard MVC-based Web framework despite challenges from JavaServer Faces (JSF), Spring MVC, WebWork, Wicket, and other APIs and frameworks.

BotNets the Killer Web Applications
Throughout 2006, technical security conferences have been discussing the latest “killer Web app.” Unfortunately, this Web technology works for the bad guys. With funding from organized crime and spam lords, a generation of talented hackers without morals

Hacking Gmail 2006
Of course, all that power just begs to be abused. Power corrupts, as they say, and hackers are nothing but a corrupt bunch: Almost as soon as Gmail was launched, hackers were looking at ways to use those capabilities for other purposes. They investigated

Flickr Mashups
When Flickr was launched in early 2004, few would have expected that a little more than a year later it would not only have become one of the top photo-sharing sites on the Internet, but also have caught the eye of the Internet giant Yahoo!, which acquire

Enabling Semantic Web Services
More than three decades ago, the information revolution started with ARPANet, the so-called grandfather of the Internet, with originally only four connected servers. The idea of developing this network came from the need for scientists to communicate with Mashups
You’ll learn plenty about throughout this book, but here’s what you should know for starters. is a social bookmarking service. users save, organize, and share their favorite web links with It’s not the firs

Yahoo Maps Mashups
Yahoo! Maps Mashups details the documentation, approach, methodology, architecture and design of the Yahoo! Maps APIs.

SAMS Teach Yourself Ajax in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Ajax in 10 Minutes is a concise introduction to the basics of building Ajax applications and the architecture and operation of these applications. You will learn the techniques employed in using Ajax, introducing Ajax and explaining ho

JavaScript Phrasebook: Essential Code and Commands
Developers are hungry for a concise, easy-to-use reference that puts essential code "phrases" at their fingertips. JavaScript, and the related AJAX, is hot and there is little to no information on how to use JavaScript to develop AJAX-based applications.

PHP Cookbook, 2nd Edition
When it comes to creating dynamic web sites, the open source PHP language is red-hot property: used on more than 20 million web sites today, PHP is now more popular than Microsoft's ASP.NET technology. With our Cookbook's unique format, you can learn how

Extending and Embedding PHP
In just a few years PHP has rapidly evolved from a small niche language to a powerful web development tool. Now in use on over 14 million Web sites, PHP is more stable and extensible than ever. However, there is no documentation on how to extend PHP; deve

PHP 5 in Practice
With the release of PHP 5 web developers need a guide to developing with PHP 5 to both learn its complex new features and more fully implement the long-standing features on which PHP's success is built. PHP 5 in Practice is a reference guide that provides

Web Services on Rails
This PDF will show you how your small business or enterprise can publish its APIs (application programming interface) to a developer community just like the behemoths of the Internet--Google, Yahoo!, eBay, and Amazon.

The Internet: The Missing Manual
The Internet is almost synonymous with change--that's one of its charms, and one of its headaches. You may think you know the Internet, but are you really up to speed on internet telephones, movie and TV downloading, blogging, gaming, online banking, dati

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