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Tricks of the Microsoft Windows Vista Masters
Did you know that it is often necessary to sift through 250 to 400 tons of rock, gravel, and sand to mine a one carat diamond? And once a diamond is found, it must be cut precisely by a craftsman and polished to bring out the shine we all appreciate. In the case of diamonds, they must be both “discovered in the rough” and “crafted into an object of beauty” before placed before us in a showcase.

The same is true of the gems you’ll find within this book. We scoured the earth, sifting from among “masters” of the Vista operating system until we discovered the finest points we could. Then we put them together and shined them up so that you hold in your hands a truly impressive collection. The tips and tricks we’ve put together include group policy edits, shortcut keys, security settings, and more. We even review some of the more important new features of Vista such as Parental Controls, Windows Meeting Space, and BitLocker technology so you’ll be completely up-to-date on all that Vista has to offer.

Sometimes this book contains a tip or trick; sometimes it provides the background material from Microsoft developers on how and why a tool was developed and how it can be used to increase your productivity; and yet other times we simply present the facts of what Vista can do. In the event you buy only one book on Windows Vista, you are holding all you need.

Why sift through 1,500-page volumes on Vista or hundreds of web blogs when we’ve already done it for you and collected exactly what you’re looking for? As you thumb through the Table of Contents, you’ll notice that we have grouped our tips and tricks by categories that will make finding what you need easy. Best of all, each point is concise so there is no need to waste valuable time reading through fluff or dull material—only clarity.

All that being said, we truly hope you enjoy the tricks within. It’s in no way exhaustive—there are always more gems to be found in the world of Microsoft. But this is as comprehensive a collection of Vista knowledge as you’re likely to find in print.

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